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Alef Healthcare Consultants


Alef Healthcare Consultants has team of professional with knowledge and capability in various requirements for harmonizing program requirements for special needs of a medical clinic, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, Group Homes, Community Health Centers, and Rural Clinics. With our vast knowledge of healthcare special needs and settings, we are able to coordinate with other design professions such as architects, engineers, and interior designers to tailor your needs for a successful completion and or execution of your project.
Alef Healthcare Consultants have broad spectrum of professions consultants with knowledge, training and experience in architecture, healthcare, and business management. This enables Alef Healthcare systems to provide you with the best service that fits your business needs.

Things we do

Complete program analysis of medical office space use for incorporation into building design, according to life safety code, city, state, and federal regulations for use such as:

• Community Healthcare Center
• Private Medical Clinic
• Rural Healthcare Center
• Nursing Home
• Rehabilitation Centers
• Assisted Living Facilities



Alef Healthcare Consultants is a company that caters to the needs of healthcare and medical professionals.  our business planning services for a number of health care providers.  we also offer in-depth business assessments.  if you need assistance in devising an effective business plan for a medical clinic.  For example, we can help with how to start a medical practice from the ground up.  when it comess to exigent medical practice setup, Alef Healthcare Consultants is a great option.  our medical business consultancy is unparalleled.  our staff members have in-depth expertise on matters that relates to successful operations in rehabilitation facility,medical clinics, rural community centers, group homes, and hospitals.  our workers are all equipped with the specialized healthcare requirements that are commonly associated with numerous types of medical environments.  if you are looking to complete a design plan for any type of medical center, our team members will collaborate with interior designers, architects, engineers, to accommodate your requirements perfectly and complete the job the right way.  We offer in-depth program assessment that ensures appropriate building design techniques that are fully in line with federal, state, and city guidelines.  Our healthcare facility planning work is detailed, comprehensive and most importantly of all, 100 percent reliable. Our team at Alef Healthcare Consultants is savvy in key subjects such as business management, healthcare, and architecture.  We integrate all our extensive knowledge into projects that can ensure the safety and future achievements of medical facilities.