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Healthcare and Laboratory Equipment Package 1

Alef Healthcare sources for clients various types of laboratory equipment through our co-subsidiary company Alef Lab. Alef Lab is a wholesaler, and exporter of scientific laboratory equipment and accessories. This equipment’s are supplies to various scientific laboratories, and research bodies such as universities, and private research firms. They include centrifuges, Thermocycler, PCR machines, microscopes, plate readers, hybridizers, DNA sequencers, etc., etc. Alef Lab is able to procure these equipment’s at high volume to enable it to pass on the saving to our customers.

Battery Module Rechargeable Package 1

Support Services:
Alef Lab also provide various support services such as the sale of to our clients such as the sale of rechargeable batteries as power back-up systems for home, laboratory units, and various healthcare facilities. This system is highly recommended especially in developing countries where constant power supply is a challenge. This system comes in various configurations in kilowatts of 20, 30, 60, etc. They are per customers’ specification, depending on the volume of your purchase order. These battery discharge time could be as high as 20 hours with a 30 ?C for 612 hours for a 28.6 KWh system.
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